Ratusan Warga Maroko Hadiri Pemakaman Bocah Rayan Oram

Hundreds Gather to Lay Five Year old Morocco Boy Rayan to Rest at Funeral

Editor : Ismail Gani
Translator : Novita Cahyadi

Ratusan Warga Maroko Hadiri Pemakaman Bocah Rayan Oram
TERJEBAK DALAM SUMUR: Para pelayat membawa peti mati Rayan Oram selama pemakamannya saat ratusan orang di seluruh desa memberikan penghormatan. [Foto: MailOnline]

WARGA Maroko beramai-ramai memberikan penghormatan terakhir kepada Rayan Oram, bocah lelaki berusia lima tahun, yang meninggal setelah dia terjebak di sebuah sumur di Maroko selama lima hari, Selasa [7/2].

Petugas gabungan mulai menggali dalam misi penyelamatan yang berpacu melawan waktu setelah Rayan Oram jatuh ke lubang setinggi 105 kaki di luar rumahnya di desa Ighran, provinsi Chefchaouen, Selasa lalu.

Pada hari Sabtu, petugas gabungan akhirnya mencapai bocah itu, memberi secercah harapan dari cobaan itu.

Kendati demikian, pejabat pemerintah mengkonfirmasi anak laki-laki itu tidak dapat diresusitasi, sehingga dia meninggal sebelum tim penyelamat dapat menghubunginya.

Hari ini, pelayat berbondong-bondong mendaki jalan berbukit dan tidak beraspal menuju pemakaman di Ighran, Chefchaouen, Maroko utara. Di mana mereka menunggu berjam-jam untuk mengamati ritual pemakaman Muslim.

Adegan itu muncul setelah pesepakbola Abderrazak Hamdallah menyampaikan 'belasungkawa terdalamnya' kepada keluarga Rayan dan menawarkan untuk membelikan mereka rumah, seperti dilansir MailOnline.

HUNDREDS of mourners have gathered to pay their final respects to the five-year-old boy who died after he was trapped in a well in Morocco for five days.

Emergency teams began digging in a race-against-the-clock rescue mission after Rayan Awram fell into a 105ft shaft outside his home in Ighran village, in the northern province of Chefchaouen, last Tuesday.

On Saturday rescuers and resuscitation experts finally reached the boy, offering a faint glimmer of hope that he might have survived the ordeal.

However government officials confirmed the young boy could not be resuscitated, adding that he had died before rescuers could reach him. 

Today mourners climbed the hilly, unpaved road leading to the cemetery in Ighran, near Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, where they waited for hours to observe the Muslim burial rituals.

The scenes come after footballer Abderrazak Hamdallah extended his 'deepest condolences' to Rayan's family and offered to buy them a home.  


Earlier today two large tents were erected in front of the grieving family's house where mourners could stop to offer condolences as hundreds of people made their way to the cemetery. 

One villager said: 'I am over 50-years-old and never seen as many people in a funeral. Rayan is the son of us all.'

Another villager said: 'Rayan's death has renewed faith in humanity as people in different languages and from different countries express solidarity.'

'I am very sad. We spared no effort to reach the boy alive. We excavated around the clock in five days what could have taken weeks,' a volunteer digger, Ali Sahraoui, told reporters at the funeral. 

Yesterday Moroccan international footballer Abderrazak Hamdallah, 31, who plays for Al-Ittihad, extended his 'deepest condolences' to Rayan's family and offered to buy them a house 'to help and bring a little joy'.

In a message on Instagram the striker wrote: 'We have gone through five very remote days and our hearts were snatched from us, Moroccans, all Arabs and Muslims, and even the whole world.

'We praised and thanked God for everything that Rayan took, and he was more merciful to us and more deserving of it than us

'With this affliction, I extend my deepest condolences to Rayan's family, and I ask God to grant them patience and solace.

'And I have decided, in my name and my family's name, and in the name of all Moroccans and Muslims, to help and bring a little joy to Rayan's family, his parents and his brothers and give them a fully equipped house. We ask God to accept us and make it in the balance of the good deeds of all Muslims

'This is help from a brother to you and God's mercy.'

Tributes have flooded in from across the world for Rayan after rescue teams confirmed he had died.

Speaking after Rayan's death was confirmed his aunt, Atiqua Awram told local media: 'My nephew, my heart is aching for him, too much. May God be with him, just like how God stood with us.' 

Morocco's King Mohammed VI sent his condolences to the Awram family and praised both the rescue crews and local community for their valiant efforts over the past week. 

And French President Emmanuel Macron added his voice to the tributes, writing in a Facebook message on Saturday: 'Tonight, I want to tell the family of little Rayan and the Moroccan people that we share their pain.'      

On Saturday, condolences to Rayan's parents also came from Pope Francis and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Egyptian and Senegalese football players held a minute of silence on Sunday before the kickoff of the final of the African Cup of Nations soccer tournament.