RI Peringkat ke-6 Kematian Tertinggi di Dunia Akibat Polusi

Countries with the Highest Pollution Deaths, Mortality Rates

Editor : Ismail Gani
Translator : Novita Cahyadi

RI Peringkat ke-6 Kematian Tertinggi di Dunia Akibat Polusi
Asap bukan kabut pagi yang menutupi kota Beijing (Foto: Associated Press/MailOnline)


INCREASING pollution worldwide is proving deadlier than war, natural disasters or smoking, according to a new report published in the Lancet medical journal.

Based largely on 2015 data from the Global Burden of Disease, the report estimates that at least 9 million premature deaths were caused during the year by diseases from toxic exposure.

While the highest death tolls were reported mostly in Asia, the highest rates of pollution-related mortality were seen in Africa.

Here are the countries with the highest number of pollution-related deaths and the highest pollution-related mortality rates.

10 Highest Pollution-related Death Tolls (Percent of All Deaths)

India: 2,515,518 (24.5 percent)
China: 1,838,251 (19.5 percent)
Pakistan: 311,189 (21.9 percent)
Bangladesh: 260,836 (26.6 percent)
Nigeria: 257,093 (18.7 percent)
Indonesia: 211,896 (13.5 percent)
Russia: 172,536 (8.6 percent)
United States: 155,155 (5.7 percent)
Ethiopia: 129,450 (19.1 percent)
Democratic Republic of the Congo: 123,942 (18 percent)

10 Highest Rates of Pollution-related Deaths per 100,000 population (Percent of All Deaths)

Somalia: 316.3 (26.5 percent)
Central African Republic: 303.8 (18.9 percent)
Chad: 284.9 (25.6 percent)
South Sudan: 264.2 (23.2 percent)
Niger: 245.5 (24.9 percent)
Guinea-Bissau: 238.9 (20.1 percent)
Lesotho: 226.8 (13.0 percent)
Afghanistan: 211.7 (18.7 percent)
India: 196.2 (24.5 percent)
Burundi: 178.7 (20.4 percent)

Source: The Lancet Pollution Commission