Olium Usada, Energi Positif Minyak Herbal Usir Pegal dan Covid-19

Indonesian Herbal Medicine is Efficacious as the rubbing Oil to Relieve Soreness

Editor : Ismail Gani
Translator : Novita Cahyadi

Olium Usada, Energi Positif Minyak Herbal Usir Pegal dan Covid-19
ENERGI POSITIF: Olium Usada, obat gosok produksi PT Sinar Usada Pratama aman bagi penderita alergi maupun kulit sensitif yang dibuat dari bahan herbal 100% tanpa campuran bahan kimia sehingga tidak berefek negatif.

OLIUM OSADA has enlivened the liniment market in Indonesia. Unlike other rubbing oils or balms, this rubbing oil uses 100% herbal ingredients that are safe for allergy sufferers and useful to help relieve pain by improving blood circulation and providing positive energy.

Usually a liniment that is already known to the Indonesian people, Olium Usada is also useful in treating problems such as a sore neck, muscle aches, coughs, flu, flatulence, backache and rheumatism.

Another advantage of liniment produced by PT Sinar Usada Pratama compared to similar products. For patients who have sensitive skin or allergies, the use of Usada Olium does not have negative effects such as itching.

Allergies or sensitive skin can indeed occur because liniment products are a combination of several chemicals.While Olium Usada is pure 100% herbal ingredients.

Not only that. Olium Usada was also able to help cure Covid-19 sufferers, as stated by Budi Sutanto, the owner and producer of Olium Usada.